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     My Papou came to Astoria, New York U.S.A. in 1930 where he started the record label Kalos Diskos. He was one of the first if not the first to bring musicians from Greece to the States for recording and events. He paved the way for  the Greek music industry in this country as we know it today. In 1933 my father was born, and  as an adult he shared many memories from his childhood of my Papou's recording studio, and all the musicians and singers he met as a little boy.  Yet the music bussiness eluded my father for more than 4 decades until in 1977 almost 25 years after Papou had passed away, he was given a bouzouki for his 44th birthday.  He was very dissapointed in the craftsmanship, and emidiately began disecting the bouzouki, learning somethign new every step of the way.  With the input from local bouzouksis like Michael Matheos of the Trio Bel Canto he began to master the art of the bouzouki.  Again he became one of the first if not the first Luthier in the US to specialise in the Bouzouki, and in 1992 he went to Greece and found that he had a cousin in Athens that was a luthier also.  He went to Athens and met O-Miltiades,where they shared experiences and techniques together.  Now he had a connection in Greece for orderring all the materials that were so hard to obtain in the States, this elevated his construction,and designs to new levels, and he learned many traditional contruction techniques from Miltiades.  My father continued building and repairing bouzoukia until his death in 2002.  It was very hard losing my father he was my best friend and my teacher. So his shop was closed for almost 2 years as I had a hard time even looking at some of his unfinished work and design ideas.  After much consideration I decided to reopen his shop in 2004.  I have now completed the circle that my Papou and Father started for me by being a luthier, recording engineer, and professional bouzouki/guitar player.  My family's love for Greek music and the bouzouki has been a driving force in our lives for over 7 decades.  I put all my experience and family history into  every instrument I build.  Miltiades continues to be my connection and advisor in Greece and I encourage any one visiting Greece to go see him at his shop.  He is a true gentleman and an excellent luthier.
It is truly an honor to carry on the family tradition - Yiannis HatziMilousis

My Papou, Father, myself and my son


O-Yiannis - building excellence since 1977